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Trenchless Sewer Line Repair


You can avoid this! Call us to see if your problem can be repaired without digging up your yard.

As most homeowners know, water line and sewer repair is necessary at some point.  Broken, eroded or cracked pipes happen. While you may be lucky and only need minor repairs, some homes may require a complete repiping! These types of repairs are not only costly, but the inconvenience of having your underground pipes replaced can mean lengthy repair times and tearing up your lawn. At Flat Rate Home Services, we may be able to offer an alternative.

How We Can Help

Basically, we don’t always have to dig up your property.  Trenchless sewer line repair means we can repair your sewer pipes or water lines without tearing up your lawn. The additional added benefits of trenchless sewer line repairs:

  • Faster! When there’s no large trench to dig, our customers can expect a shorter repair time! Trenchless sewer repairs are often completed in just a few days – and less for small jobs.
  • Less Expensive! Not having to dig a trench drastically reduces the amount of time, equipment and labor spent on your repairs – which saves you money.
  • Cleaner! The majority of homes have sewer lines directly under their lawn. After spending countless hours and money making your yard a sanctuary, digging up a sewer line is the last thing you want to do! Trenchless repairs requires a few small holes to reach the lines.

Will Trenchless Sewer Line Repair Work for You?

 Trenchless repairs can be done for many of the following.  Call our expert technicians today to find out more.

  • Blocked pipes (roots, debris)
  • Improperly installed pipes
  • Sewer back ups
  • Leaky lines
  • Cracked water pipes (water movement/freezing/thawing)
  • Larger line replacement

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