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Toilet Technology

Every so often, you come across an innovation so mind-blowingly convenient and it makes you think, “How did I ever live without this?”

 I imagine the first people with indoor toilet felt this way, or better yet, the first users of a flushing toilet.  But while we have grown complacent in our toilet technology, others have not. There are gadgets and sensors and buttons galore for the toilets of the future.  After reading about some of the latest technology, you may want to upgrade.

toilet technology

Flush Cleaning Technology

No one enjoys scrubbing the toilet.  I’m sure, at one time or another, we’ve all thought how perfect it would be if our toilets could just clean themselves. Well, now they can.  With flush cleaning technology, the flush is so powerful that it not only gets rid of waste, but also cleans your toilet. That’s right, every time you flush, you get a clean toilet.

Toilet Lighting

No need to leave a light on in the bathroom because there are now toilet lights. From lighting in the bowl that changes color to motion sensors that control when the lights go on and off to built-in lights on the toilet, your night light “days” will be over with this toilet technology.

Massaging Seats

Comfort is important to all of us, no matter which room of the house we’re talking about – hence, the cushioned toilet seats we’ve all seen before.  But now, there are massaging toilet seats.  Made to be therapeutic, the massaging toilet seat is believed to relax you while helping you go to the bathroom.

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