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Prevent Basement Flooding

Although it may not feel like it, spring is here.  And in Wisconsin, our spring can mean torrential downpours, snow, or sunshine….sometimes all in one afternoon.  This can mean overtime for sump pumps and flooding basements.  Under these circumstances, prevention is key.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible for homeowners to prevent basement flooding 100% of the time.  Some situations are simply beyond our control.

At Flat Rate, we suggest keeping an eye on:

  • Basement Pumps: Test your pump by slowly pouring a bucket of water in during a good weather day. Scan the pit and remove any debris or stones.
  • Windows and Doors: Remove debris from window wells and check for any leaks.
  • prevent basement floodingFoundation: Check regularly for cracks in your foundation and walls – repair immediately. Make sure your basement walls are properly sealed and painted to provide added protection.
  • Roof: Remove debris from gutters. Maintain your roof properly or, even if it is the cause of a flood, your insurance carrier will likely deny your claim.
  • Landscaping: Believe it or not, your outdoor greenery is not just for looks. Landscaping can have a big impact on the interior of your home.  Trim trees and shrubbery back from the home. Soil should be higher near your house, creating a drainage spout into the lawn versus into your basement.