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Noisy Pipes

noisy pipes can mean you have a clogHouses make sounds.  Quite a few sounds.  Generally, you get used to them.  You tune out the heat kicking in or that one floor board that always creaks. Sometimes, household noises start to change – and when they are the result of plumbing issues, ignoring them can be costly. Read more to find out what some of your home’s noises might mean…

Banging noises

Banging noises coming from the pipes may mean your home has pipes that flex when water stops flowing through them.  It could also mean you have a loose pipe that isn’t secured well. Both of these plumbing issues can easily be fixed by a plumber.

Dripping Sounds

Dripping sounds are generally just a leaky faucet.  It’s imperative to track the noise down, however, because it could also be any number of home appliances dripping in your walls.  Check beneath water heaters or even the icemaker water supply line to your refrigerator. Leaking water can cause serious damage and lead to mold.


The most common ticking sound comes from your water meter.  The sound echoes through the pipes and into the house. This is a noise you may just have to learn to live with if your meter is within feet of your home’s foundation.


Gurgling noises might mean that there is a problem with the drain system.  It can be anything from the drain system – partial blockage, vent problems, or a failing septic system.   If you start to hear any “blub blub” or “glug glug”, be sure to call a plumber right away.