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Keep Furnace Running Smoothly

rheem gas furnaceWhen Milwaukee’s cold weather arrives, there’s nothing better than coming inside a warm, toasty home. To make sure this remains possible, heating systems need to be kept in shape. A heating system that struggles to warm your home means higher energy bills and less home comfort. If you think your furnace could be doing a better job, try these heating tips to help your heating system work at its best.

• Get a tune up. A yearly inspection by an HVAC professional combined with routine maintenance will ensure your furnace operates at peak performance.
• Allow circulation. Move furniture, or anything else that obstructs vents. Don’t allow dust to collect on vents.
• Replace furnace filter. Air filters should be changed frequently. A clogged filter will strain your heating system, using more energy to produce less heat.
• Install a programmable thermostat. Don’t waste energy heating your home when you aren’t home, but don’t set your thermostat to lower than 68° – it will use more energy catching up when temperature drop.
• Clear outside vents. Make sure no snow or ice are blocking outdoor vents.
• Keep blower door cover shut. It’s common for the door to become loose when you change your filter.
• Make sure doors and windows latch and seal correctly. If not, replace or cover them.
• Clean air ducts. Be sure furnace is off before examining or cleaning. Remove all dirt and dust.

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