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Drain Cleaning

Our 24-hour drain cleaning experts are ready to help you.

Keep your drain clean and your home happy.

At Flat Rate Home Services, we not only dispatch drain cleaners to your home right when you need help most, but we will send licensed, expert technicians with the skill set you need to get your drain cleaned out and back up and running. No matter where you are in Southeastern Wisconsin, whether your bathtub is draining slowly or your kitchen sink is completely clogged, you can count on us to eliminate the hassle of all your drain problems, stops and clogs.

Our local New Berlin experts at Flat Rate can handle it all, whether it’s a poorly draining toilet or a backed-up bathroom sink. And that’s just the beginning: our knowledgeable Milwaukee area technicians have the expertise to clean your sewer blockages, too. Now that’s all-in-one convenience.

We have all the equipment necessary to do battle with any clog blocking your drain, large or small, and what’s more, we approach any drain or sewer stoppage cautiously, so that everyone stays safe.

Choose Flat Rate Home Services for your drain cleaning needs, especially when it comes to fast, efficient service for your main sewer line clogs.

Advantages of Properly Installed Clean-Out

  • Makes stoppages accessible to regular-size blades and cables
  • Enables access by jetting if needed
  • Closer to stoppage with fewer turns, giving cable added strength for better cleaning
  • May prevent flooding in home
  • Easier to locate sewer line

Steps to a clean drain

Step 1: Asses the drainage system.

Step 2: What fixtures are adding to the backup? It may be a single fixture such as a kitchen drain or bathtub. It could Also be the entire house system under the floor or in the sewer in the front yard.

Step 3: Locate and address the best path to clear the blockage. It may be through a fixture, removal of a drain trap or through a properly installed clean out fitting.

Step 4: Choose the best cable and cutter option for the size piping to be cleared.