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Since 1989, our goal has always been to become the premier home services provider. Our years of experience serving the entire Southeastern Wisconsin area, have made us the trusted plumbing, heating, and air conditioning professionals.

$99 Drain Cleaning Special

Have a slowly draining or completely stopped line? Want to get rid or that sewer smell? When you’ve got a clog, it’s usually an emergency, and your only concern is who can get there fastest. Call Flat Rate Home Services and ask about our $99 drain cleaning special!


Flat Rate Home Services believes in “Giving Back” and aspires to make a difference in our community.  Learn about the “Giving Back” program sponsored by Flat Rate Home Services.

News & Knowledge

Repiping Your Home

What is repiping? Repiping is the process of removing old, corroded or leaking pipes with updated hard copper or PEX pipes.  Repiping your home can be a big, expensive job – it is a comprehensive replumbing of your home – but it can potentially save you money by not...

HGTV’s House Hunters Returns

HGTV’s House Hunters Returns to Southeastern Wisconsin to Feature Flat Rate Home Services’ Employee New Berlin, WI, May 20, 2015:  AJ Fink, manager of Flat Rate Home Services, a family-owned and operated plumbing, heating and cooling company in New Berlin...

Furnace Won’t Turn Off?

Why Your Furnace Won’t Turn Off Furnaces turn on when the temperature inside your home drops below the temperature you set on your thermostat.  Once this happens, your furnace should turn off.  If your furnace won’t turn off, you may have a problem that requires...

Do I Need A Smart Thermostat?

What Is A Smart Thermostat? Smart thermostats really are “smart” – they learn from your behavior, allow you to remotely control your home’s temperature and can even adjust themselves!  Most smart thermostats allow you to shut them off after you leave and then warm or...

Dozens of Deaths Related to Debris from Home Dryer

Milwaukee, WI, April 9, 2015: Cleaning dryer vents can save you: time, money, and possibly lives. According to the National Fire Protection Agency, 18,000 structure fires a year in the U.S. are caused by clogged or blocked dryer vents. Also attributed to dryer vent...

Garbage Disposal Tips: Dos and Don’ts

Garbage disposals are one of the most convenient kitchen appliances. They are great for getting rid of expired food, last night’s unsuccessful dinner, even lemon peels from your night cap. But how do you prevent your disposal from clogging, or worse, stopping...

When to Change a Furnace Filter

Many people make the common mistake of thinking you only have to change your furnace filter once a year. Doing this, however, may shorten the life of your furnace. Flat Rate Home Services recommends checking your filter monthly. Not only will this help your furnace in...

Do You Have a Silent Leak?

We all do it four times a year; open our water bill and brace ourselves. It seems impossible to have an ever growing bill when we diligently turn the faucet off while brushing our teeth, take shorter showers and only wash full loads of laundry. Flat Rate Home...
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Customer Testimonials

I chose Flat Rate to come to my home out of the six companies I had called. They won me over with their reasonable service call and their outstanding customer service!


We had nothing less than the best service from Flat Rate. Our furnace went on us and we were given a fair price. They also did everything they could to make sure the job was done right. I would hire Flat Rate in a heart beat for any of our HVAC needs in the future. I would go do far as to say we wouldn’t need to look anywhere else!


I absolutely love their service! I will always use Flat Rate.


Out of the many companies I called on Saturday night to service my leaking water heater they were the only ones that answered.


My furnace failed last winter and I chose Flat Rate to take care of the problem. I have worked with countless contractors over the years and they were, by far, the most professional and knowledgable company I have ever received service from!


The technician sent to my home was amazing! He took the time to answer all my questions. I will definitely call again for all my future work.


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